Hazelnut Butter Mochi | Thirsty for Tea. What?? Nutella in a mochi ball? HA. And maybe now I want to try making them from scratch. Maybe.

Mango Filled Mochi Mango flavored mochi filled with fresh mango! Get this recipe at the following link: http://cookinghawaiianstyle.com/index.php/component/recipe/recipes/detail/2882/mango-filled-mochi

Homemade Chinese Red Bean Buns with soft and slightly sweet surface. Have one bite, you will see the smooth sweet red bean paste inside. It is a good idea to serve this homemade red bean buns with some milk or soy milk.

Chilled Tapioca Pearls with Coconut Milk and Melon Dessert - This simple Asian desert is so refreshing and delicious- plus it has so many health benefits I've put links in so you can read just how good this is for you if you like or just make because it tastes so good!!

This Matcha Green Tea Mochi is so light and fluffy! How to make mochi. Matcha green tea dessert. Easy mochi recipe. Gluten free mochi.

easy mochi recipe Makes: about 100 1-inch cubes 1lb. (16 oz.) Glutinous Rice Flour (Mochiko) 2 ½ cups Sugar 12 oz. Coconut Milk 1 ¾ cups Water Food Coloring (optional)* Potato starch for dusting (Cornstarch can be used as well)

Recipe: Japanese Traditional Bento Lunch with Mustard Soy Sauce-flavored Pork, Scrambled Egg, Umeboshi Pickled Plum on Rice|日本の弁当

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