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    Nerd win

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    LOLZ. Dom and Elijah greet Viggo at the Hidalgo premiere XD


    Elijah Wood actually did receive a prop ring after "The Lord of The Rings" ended, from Peter Jackson. Andy Serkis (Gollum) also revived a prop ring. Both thought they had the only one.


    But really. That's all it would take to win back Middle Earth.

    Yes, Elijah Would...

    The Hobbits

    Nerd Congrats Card: Perfect for the nerd in your life who is off doing great things.

    Omg im dying!!!!!

    Just another day on the set of LoTR #LoTR #funny

    Chemistry Exam fail (or win. Depends how you look at it).

    Will for the win.

    Whoever did this wins

    So much win!

    I think he should lead all Tolkien fans. To battle. Against anyone that says they don't like Tolkien. <---- SO MUCH WIN.

    So much win.

    LOTR - Elijah Wood (2002)

    I think I will paint this on one of my walls.

    @Jaclin Byrne