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    Rc Cola and Moon Pies

    • Judith Ingle

      RC Cola and a Moon Pie - The kids loved moonpies. I still get them once in a while. Only drank RC Cola occasionally, but wasn't a big fan. nana

    • Johnna Shapiro

      RC Cola and a Moon Pie - Must have been a Southern thing because I never heard of moon pies when I was little.

    • Melody Thomas

      It's a Southern Thing! My daddy use to sing about Rc cola and moon pies. Happy birthday daddy!

    • Gloria Todd

      RC cola was developed in 1905 in Columbus, GA utilizing pure cane sugar rather than fructose corn syrup. Moon Pies are pastries made of two round graham cracker cookies filled with marshmallow cream then, dipped in chocolate, banana, or coconut. They were created in Chattanooga, TN after miners described the snacks they would buy from a baker representative. In the 1950s, the combination of Royal Crown Cola and Moonpies became popular as the "working man's lunch" in the American South.

    • Neah Brook

      RC Cola and a Moon Pie, it's a southern thang! Favors for wedding?

    • Denise Wingo-Cazalas

      yep ! It's a Southern thing- RC cola and a Moon Pie!

    • CM

      Just give a southern girl a Coke, and a Moon Pie...

    • Donna J Holman

      rc cola & a moonpie! Yes, it is a Southern Thing.

    • As Time Goes By

      RC Cola and Moon Pies - It's a Southern Thing!

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    you have to eat your moon pie and wash it down with your RC cola, they have a festival for this! REal life!

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    It's a Southern Thing!

    I need this for my office!

    Its a Southern thing

    It's a southern thing

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    It's a Southern Thing

    One of my mama's favorite sayings


    hey y'all!!

    Thank you!!