The Best Drinking Game Ever? Step 1: Attach a mustache to your TV. Step 2: Drink when it lines up to someone's face.


"I never drink... I just disinfect internal injuries." Lmao that is the best excuse for drinking I've ever heard. It's funny but also makes some sense if you think of internal injuries as emotional ones. #humor #funny #alcohol

48 Things That Will Make You Feel Old ...

Battle Shots

97+ Funny things to say to Siri. Damn I love these!!

mustache humor

this is hilarious

Before leaving your hotel room…

Mug with a hoop

35 Terrible Puns To Brighten Your Day. I kind of adore these. And the deer one......... I laughed for five minutes straight.

The 'Wine Rack' Sneak your booze into any event. YES!!!! @Heather Rice why didn't someone bring THIS yesterday?!

Not always a huge shower games fan, but this is hilarious....when the ice melts in your drink, and your baby floats you yell my water broke! -OMG this cracks me up!! How funny!!!

beer mustaches!! NEED THESE

Hahaha! Where was this for all those bored summer days? Drinking game

Olympic divers on the toilet…terribly hilarious!!!


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