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Every novel is an answer to the ancient plea, "Tell us a story."

The story of Binx Bolling is kind of like what might have happened if Dick Whitman never became Don Draper, and instead started wandering around New Orleans.

The Memory Keeper's daughter by Kim Edwards. Keeping a secret is never good and one about a twin baby given up for adoption because she was born with Down's syndrome is a horrible one. What led a physician to give his daugher up for adoption and keep it a secret from his wife and son?....well you should read this book to find out. I really enjoyed this book :)

What young girl didn't read this or see the movie? sniff sniff sniff..... And I hate to tell you this Erich Segal, but love does mean you have to say you are sorry sometimes. What a load of crap that saying turned out to be!

favorite jodi picoult of all time... only to be ruined by being made into a movie.

My Sister's Keeper read it....a story about a young girl genetically engineered in a test tube so the family could harvest her body parts to save her dying sister. Also a movie. Enjoyed it.

So I read the book way before the movie ever came out. If you've only seen the movie, read the book. The ending is completely different!!

Wonderful book, but if you read this, don't watch the movie...the failed on the movie!