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The Doctors: Schoolyard Fight Health Risks & Mean Bosses More Effective?

The Doctors talked about a boy who was horribly injured in a schoolyard fight and a new study that says that mean bosses are more effective.

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The Drs: Baby's Swollen Head Bigger Than Basketball + Hydrocephalus

The Doctors discussed the condition of a baby in India that caused her brain to swell to a size larger than a basketball.

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Drs: "Human Ken Doll" + Plastic Surgery Passion Vs Obsession

The Doctors welcomed Human Ken Doll back to the show to talk about his 200 cosmetic procedures and 23 plastic surgeries.

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The Drs: 24-Year-Old Cyst Removal + All-You-Can-Eat Pancakes Vs Pasta

The Doctors had their cameras rolling as a 24-year-old cyst was removed.

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The Drs: Birth Control Recommendations For Teenagers + IUD Vs Condoms

The Doctors discussed new recommendations for teenagers when it comes to birth control and whether it’s better for them to resort to condoms or an IUD.

5 of the Best Brain Foods! Chocolate is good for the brain ... but it has to have HIGH cocoa content.

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Daily motivation (25 photos)

Won't take just a day...try it for a few weeks. #health #fitness #diabetes #type1 #type2 #workout #gym #seacret

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The 14 Best Things To Eat After A Workout

The 14 Best Things To Eat After A Workout, after workout is my favorite meal!!!

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This Is Your Body On Diet Soda (Infographic)

This Is Your Body On Diet Soda (Infographic). Drinking more water is looking like a great idea! Sure glad I gave it up! One year down! @angieaudrey84

The Bold Abodefrom The Bold Abode

101 reasons to never, ever, ever drink diet soda

Stop drinking diet soda... NOW! I'm feel so much better having kicked the nasty habit.

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The Science of Vitamins and the Body

The Science of #Vitamins & the Body : We know vitamins are essential to our bodies, but don’t know what they actually do, or take them as seriously as we should nor which foods give us what we need, since diet is the most powerful & accessible tool for health. It is important to know a little bit about them, which ones to take, where to find them & how much we need. Vitamins are essential for cell function, growth & development, & are essential to good health.

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We Eat Less Healthy Than We Think (Infographic)

You Eat Worse Than You Think | Infographic | Health | Food | Lifestyle | Infographic | Read more:

Helpful for healthy eating

Complete review and explanation of the PiYo Diet Plan with printable food lists, food trackers and tools to help you succeed!

Susan is desperate to #lose #weight; she has been struggling with her weight ever since she was a teenager. She has read every diet book there is, she gets very motivated every now and then and jumps full steam into the most popular #diet and #exercise class of the moment that all her friends have told her about. But as soon as she doesn’t instantly lose weight she gets discouraged...