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Chicago's World's Fair of 1893 not only captured the imagination and ingenuity of the elite, but also captured that of one of America's first known serial killers H.H. Holmes. For the overflow of event travelers, he build a hotel that was constructed soley for the the purpose of confusion, torture and death. rh

Dr. HH Holmes,serial killer hotel was downtown chicago & nicknamed the Murder Castle. Holmes is said to have killed between 27 & 200 people. Holmes built hotel at the end of 18th century to profit on Chicago's World'Fair & visitors. His hotel had over 60 rooms for guests, including alarms in each "prison room" in case a victim attempted esca.........true read The Devil In The White City

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World's Fair Chicago 1934: Tour the World

World's Fair Chicago 1934: Tour the World. $15 #vintage #chicago #fair

HH Holmes. the upper two floors contained his personal office and a maze of over 100 windowless rooms with doorways opening to brick walls, oddly-angled hallways, stairways to nowhere, doors openable only from the outside, and a host of other strange and labyrinthine constructions. Holmes repeatedly changed builders during the construction of the Castle, so only he fully understood the design of the house

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World's Youngest Serial Killers

Mary Bell is deemed one of the world's youngest serial killers in history. Although not a serial killer by definition, many feel if she wasn't captured the killings would have continued.

H.H. Holmes / Herman Webster Mudgett. Americas first serial killer, and master mind behind "The Murder Castle" a house H.H. Holmes deigned for the intent of murdering.

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Where the Future Came From: A Trip Through the 1893 Chicago World's Fair

In 1893, Chicago hosted the World Fair. It is estimated that 1 in 4 Americans saw the fair. The whole fair was built to be impressive and spectacular. The Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building was the largest enclosed space ever built at 40 acres and 230 feet tall.

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Relics of the World's Fair: Chicago

Chicago World's Fair 1893

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The Murder Castle

H. H. Holmes, America's first known serial killer 1890's