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H.H. Holmes: America's First Serial Killer - Holmes was a master manipulator whose handsome exterior and disarming charm masked a psychotic soul bent on torture and dismemberment. The clean-cut killer's deceptively inviting outward appearance made it easy for him to lure women back to his mammoth castle in Chicago's burgeoning Englewood neighborhood.

H.H. Holmes America's first serial killer. I truly believe he was Jack The Ripper! He was England when the killings happened and a skilled surgeon! Fascinating story!

  • Heather Nicholas

    Interesting theory, although he was in England while the killings happened, why would he target hookers while in England, and once he came to America completely change his m.o.? That's the only thing that doesn't add up with me.

  • Josephine✝♥

    I believe he was Jack The Ripper because the time frame it took "The Ripper" to remove a specific organ professionally was so fast that they believe it was a skilled surgeon which H.H. Holmes was. Different environment may have been a factor in which he had to find a different prey. Holmes also was going to University's trying to sell skeletons which doesn't make much sense since he was a fairly wealthy man. I also don't believe he had a specific victim he would target... I mean after all whomever checked into his hotel was pretty much already a victim! Again this is just a theory and my obsession of Serial Killers. Lol

  • Heather Nicholas

    Solid reasoning, it was said they thought Jack the Ripper targeted hookers because they were basically seen as human trash, that society didnt care about them. Also been speculated that his mother was a whore, and thats another reason. Although we will never know. curious about him selling skulls, Jack the Ripper never decapitated anyone though.

America's First Serial Killer HH Holmes - INFOGRAPHIC

George W. G. Ferris built the first Ferris Wheel for the 1893 Chicago Worlds Fair to prove that America could top the Eiffel Tower. During planning for the fair, Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel offered to build a tower larger than the one he had built in Paris but the planning committee insisted the work be from American genius. The giant wheel had 36 cars that could hold 60 people for a total of 2,160 passengers at a time, and was as high as a 26 story building. WOW

  • Betsy Dimmery

    The nonfiction book The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America is about that World's Fair. Fascinating, and stuff I knew NOTHING about.

Educated Serial Killers. Although not formally college educated, Edmund Kemper, the 6'6" giant coed killer has an IQ in the 140 range which is one bright SOB

  • Hope Rice

    Also, I'm 15 and just recently had the test, sorry for not clarifying the age, and also I'm not lying.

  • D. Scott Whitaker

    Amazing Hope, that is a very high number:)

  • Hope Rice

    Thanks, sometimes hard to communicate to my peers, though X3

  • Brooklyn Arnold

    Awh, thank you Mr. Scott that was very nice . 😊

  • D. Scott Whitaker

    Don't let that get to you Hope. The chances are, they may be a bit intimidated at how smart you are....seriously.

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Serial Killers are everywhere!

The average serial killer usually exhibits the following traits : Intelligent Charismatic History of a troubled childhood and/or a broken family History of violence against others and against animals Fixation on fire at a young age History of bedwetting Unable to hold on to long-term relationships (however, the killer may have been/be married, or have children, but they are emotionally distant from their family) May have a physical deformity

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World's Fair Chicago Ill. 1893 - back by Digital Projects at SDSU Library

MacMonnie's Fountain, World's Fair, Chicago IL 1893.