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The Doctors asked two women to try their 30 day vegan diet challenge & they talked with one expert about the common misconceptions associated with the diet.

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The Drs: 30 Day Walking Challenge & Health Benefits from Walking

The Doctors asked one woman to try their 30 day walking challenge and she loved it. She lost weight and get all her energy back.

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The Doctors: Dr Phil Interviews Ariel Castro Survivor Michelle Knight

The Doctors talked with talk show host Dr Phil about his exclusive interview with Michelle Knight one of three women who survived Ariel Castro’s kidnapping.

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32 Vegan Lunches You Can Take to Work

30 Vegan Lunches You Can Take to Work

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Drs: Do Women Prefer Attractive Doctors? Being Comfortable With Doctors

Do women prefer unattractive gynecologists? The Doctors took a survey to find out and discussed the reservations surrounding attractive doctors.

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The Doctors: Man Butt-Dials 9-1-1 + Agoraphobia Traps Woman In Home

The Doctors talked about the man who was arrested after butt-dialing 911.

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The Drs: Woman Robs Pharmacy Using Breast Milk + High Heel Marathon Mom

The Doctors shared the incredible story of a pharmacy that was robbed by a woman using her breast milk as a distraction.

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The Doctors Forwarded Viral Photo: Is Exploding Bong Picture Real?

A photo of a woman supposedly disfigured by an exploding marijuana bong went viral on social media. The Doctors talked to her to see what really happened.

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The Doctors: Bulletproof School Supplies & Are Moms Drinking Too Much?

The Doctors talked about the rising trend of mothers drinking too much. Do you think this is a problem?