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    Psychic Rebecca Rosen explained to Doctor Oz how her techniques such as automatic writing help her tap in to messages from angels on the other side.

    Dr Oz explored the power of zen and looked out how simple actions throughout the day can help us become more calm and at ease.

    Handwriting expert Kathi McKnight said we can tell a lot about our health and personality just by looking at writing samples, as she explained to Dr Oz.

    What does your face say about your health and diseases you might not know you have? Dr Oz learned about the Chinese art of Face Reading for diagnosis.

    Dr Oz explained why it is so important to get a regular amount of dietary Fiber in your meals each day, and he shared some of the great food sources.

    This could be your year! Dr Oz and Dr Michael Roizen talked about some groundbreaking health discoveries that can empower you in 2014.

    SHould you brush your teeth after drinking wine? When do you want to make your bed? Dr Oz quizzed Kathie Lee and Hoda on these common health mistakes.

    Dr Oz and Dr Michael Roizen talked about some groundbreaking health discoveries that can empower you in 2014.

    Dr Oz’s friend, Dr Michael Roizen, shared the ideas behind his RealAge tool, and they explained four healthy habits you can maintain to lower your age.

    Dr Oz and pharmacist Suzy Cohen discussed the expiration date you will find on most over the counter and prescription medications. When can you ignore it?

    Dr Oz talked with real people about how and why using Coconut Palm Sugar as an alternative to sugar can help with weight loss and blood sugar stabilization.

    How far would you go to look younger? That’s the question Dr Oz posed to the Guinness record holder for most plastic surgeries and two health experts.

    Green Coffee Bean Extract really works, and Dr Oz called it a miracle supplement. Find out why and see the results of his experiment.

    Dr Oz explained how adding power probiotics to your diet from Tempeh and Kefir, raw fermented cow's milk, can help you to avoid unwanted symptoms of digestive discomfort.

    Linda Fondren was inspired to motivate her hometown of Vicksburg, Mississippi, through nutrition and fitness education. Dr Oz said they lost 50,000 pounds.

    Sleep better STARTING TONIGHT! Dr Oz revealed the best (and the worst!) sleep positions so you can rest easy.

    Do you have Caffeine Sensitivity? Dr Oz explained how caffeine affects the brain’s sleep receptors and can disrupt the quality of your good night’s sleep.