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Psychic Rebecca Rosen explained to Doctor Oz how her techniques such as automatic writing help her tap in to messages from angels on the other side.

androgynoids: “ memorizing every single tarot card meaning is going to be such a hassle ” For me, what helped a lot was learning the groups. Charts like these can be helpful: Also, take a look at •...

Do you believe people can see auras and receive messages from the other side? Dr. Phil's panel of well-known experts say they have paranormal instincts and can prove it. Jim Underdown, a "professional skeptic," says he can disprove psychic ability, and he believes mediums take advantage of people's grief in an effort to make money. After a staged social experiment with him and spiritual medium Rebecca Rosen, will Jim change his mind? For more, visit

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Dr Oz: Chris Powell Chair Squat, High Knees + Chair Crunch Exercises

Dr Oz invited trainer Chris Powell to share four exercises you can do in just five minutes to build more muscle and burn fat, like his Chair Squat move.

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Dr Oz: Vegetable Sushi Roll & Diet Stuffed Mushroom Snack Recipes

Every day ◾Morning Smoothie ◾6 oz Lean Protein ◾1/2 cup Brown Rice ◾1 cup Greek Yogurt ◾Healthy Fats

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Dr Oz: 6 Benefits of Vitamin D & Vitamin D Grocery List Foods

Dr Oz shared the many health benefits of Vitamin D, which most of us are not getting enough of. Try his Vitamin D grocery list and learn why you need it.

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#OzPhoneHome: B Vitamins for Nerve Pain + Crow's Feet Vitamin Remedy

Dr Oz says that vitamins are the key to healthy skin. Over the years, skin can age and dry out. But Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E can help to fill in the cracks, keep your elastin alive and build up collagen.

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Dr Oz & Gail Simmons: 5 Layer Flat Belly Dessert Recipe

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Dr Oz: Licorice Root Tea Review & Strep Throat Symptoms

Do you have Strep Throat or a sore throat? Dr Oz gave a list of symptoms and explained how Licorice Root Tea or a humidifier can help you find relief.