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The Doctors: Messy Kids Solution + Nail Streak & Melanoma Sign

One mom was so tired of trying to get her daughters to clean their rooms that she came up with a creative discipline technique to teach them a lesson. But why were some parents complaining it was too harsh?

Kelly & Michael: Top Ways To Reduce Your Summer Vacation Costs

Kelly & Michael talked about a kid that hit a tree and flipped over during a driving lesson.

The Doctors: Aria Doherty Huffing Death & Helicopter Parenting

Environmental Working Group, an organization that advocates against the use of toxic chemicals, has released a list of the 12 worst hormone disrupting chemicals. Here is our breakdown of the list.

11 Natural Cures for a Sore Throat That Actually Work

The Doctors: Doctor On Demand Review & Drew Barrymore's New Daughter

Drew Barrymore welcomes her second daughter Frankie to the world this week.

The Drs: Designer Babies + Genetic Testing To Determine Baby's Gender

The Doctors discussed the highly controversial technology that allows parents to determine the gender of their unborn child.

Drs: School Active Shooter Drills + Preparing For Emergencies

The Doctors talked about an active shooter drill one middle school may have taken too far and how to properly prepare kids for emergencies.

The Drs TV: What Is RIE Parenting? Graphic Images For Cigarette Packs?

The Doctors talked about the controversial policy of putting graphic images on cigarette packs.