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The fish that roared by Stinkersmell, via Flickr Lionfish

Lionfish...I wouldn't bother him! But I did catch a scorpion fish in Mexican waters once that I definitely handled with care...before I threw him back! :)

Lionfish: lovely in its native en-vironment, DEADLY when intro-duced as an invasive species!!

Lion fish, as beautiful as these May be they are destroying sea life across the world! These little devils eat juvenile fish and are killing off local fish populations. Is you're in an affected area report any sightings to local dive or wildlife centre #saveouroceans beautiful photography by Bruce Bugbee ~❥

There are several types of Lionfish. Red Lionfish have been accidentally released into the warm Atlantic ocean areas and are taking over the reefs off Florida. Government agencies and activists in addition to other eradication efforts are asking people to eat them! There are even recipes out there on how to cook them...

230\365. Lionfish | Flickr – Compartilhamento de fotos!

Lionfish....poison in the spikes.....i stepped on one in 1999 in barbados...very painful...lucky for me i got a big needle in my but to fight of the poison.

Parapterois heterura - Blackfoot Lionfish - Blauflossen-Feuerfisch by Michael Henke, via Flickr

171\365. Beautiful fish | Flickr – Compartilhamento de fotos!