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Bill murray print

This seems to be a universal phenomenon among kids. No one teaches them this game...they all just "come up with it" on their own. :)

Exactly! New way of life. Being happy no matter who tries to make me unhappy. I've come to realize that most people bring you down because they themselves cannot live happily, when they see you being happy it makes them angry. That anger will eventually turn into bitterness and an empty unfulfilled life. Choose your friends wisely and let your enemies go. Burn that bridge before they can get a hold on it.

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All true.


What Will Be 2009's "Keep Calm and Carry On"?

Today I will be happier than a Bird with a french fry. (and that's pretty happy!) #bird #happy #happiness #joy #affirmation #french_fry

It's so true! You think anger satisfies...but it doesn't. The best, the strongest, the bravest and happiest are the ones that apologize, forgive, and forget.