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  • Amanda Sonntag

    Clever recycled bottle waterer... Plants need a drink too! ;)

  • Andy Pinon

    Or try a vintage bottle to add some character! Why spend money on some as seen on TV self watering plant globes? Recycling is free. Fill an empty wine bottle with water and stick it into a potted plant to water it while you are away or just because you are too busy to water. Wine bottles are best because of the long thin neck and the glass is heavy enough to stand up to light winds and not come out.

  • Amy Chapman

    fill an empty wine bottle with water to water plants slowly, decorative and a great use of old wine bottles!

  • Amy Hedges

    Clever recycled bottle waterer. I surely never have a problem finding an empty bottle ;-)

  • Carlene Elliott

    Water plants with recycled wine bottles Finally! I can put all those empty wine bottles to use!

  • Megan Ellard

    Clever recycled bottle waterer. INGENIOUS! (Could use a beer bottle too for smaller plants!)

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Use a water filled wine bottle to water plants slowly.

Not sure how you do it but love the idea!

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Great idea for keeping seedlings watered correctly. I might try some of the smaller soda and/or water bottles also. I would probably stay away from the really flimsy water bottles, though.