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The grave of Elijah Jefferson Bond is marked by a Ouija Board headstone at Greenmount Cemetery in Maryland. Elijah Bond was best known for filing the first US patent for the Ouija Board. Elijah Bond died in 1921 and was anonymously buried in his family’s plot. Robert Murch, America’s foremost Ouija historian, located the ambiguous grave and erected the Ouija-themed headstone in 2008.

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The Bizarre Hanging Coffins Of China

The hanging coffins of China. The hanging coffin is a unique Chinese funerary custom that began in the 8th century BC. As the name suggests, families would place the deceased into wooden coffins and hang them on the side of cliffs.

"This most valued bronze masterpiece by the sculptor Apollonio, dedicated to the Calcagno family is to be seen at the Pontasso above the monumental Arcades. The statue lying on the steps, depositing a last flower on the grave, is the personification of Sorrow."

Fairview Cemetery near Greensburg, Kansas. The sexton had to replace the glass after the Greensburg tornado. Local Legend has it that when the glass broke the doll WALKED OUT, wandered aimlessly for miles, BOUGHT SOUVENIRS AT BETO JUNCTION, and returned just in time for the grave repair. If you go to this grave at midnight on a full moon and say "Baby Doll" 3 times you will either be given a BETO junction souvenir, or eaten by Wild Prairie Children. BEWARE!!

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Psychic Circle Ouija Board

Psychic Circle Ouija Board Remember this POS ha? Sold it at Yard sale for 3 bucks....Bawahahaha

Witch's Grave ~ This is the grave of Francis Wilson who died on the 15th July 1880. He was buried as a witch - facing the opposite way and just outside the burial ground.

This woman, who had a good sense of humor said she wanted a parking meter that said "expired" at her grave when she died. Her family made sure she got this.