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░ DREAM A LITTLE DREAM ░ time for bed: nite nite.

Wish we could go back to bed #sleep #tired #monday #morning #bed #words #quote

I wish i could easy fall asleep plus without wake up in the middle of the night.

The cozy feeling of being in bed at night .. Reading a book .. Having tea... What a nice feeling...... .❤️ Simply Aline :))

I'm sorry but wtf is this even about? Offline is the new luxury? What on earth is that supposed to mean?

Don't take advantage of kind people - don't exoect nice people to put up with every annoyance forever...Remember this.... Consider the needs & feelings of others. So true!

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Some people will never understand. The're not worth your time or worries. Let shit go and focus on what and who matters.

Follow Rent a Stylist I want one with you.... I'm glad you feel safe in my arms baby!!! I love you so much!!!!


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So true