Chia Pet!

and hide your husbands

Don Burleson Blog: Funny halloween costumes for dogs - Sarah, our chihuahua, namely~ #halloween #halloweendecorations #costumes #halloweencostumes #pumkpins #halloweencandy

Piñata Pet

Chihuahua Up Halloween Costume

I might need to have another baby just so I can make this Halloween costume!

DIY Star Wars Dog Costumes!

pretty hilarious dog costume!

Best.Costume. Ever.

Crazy Cat Lady Halloween costume. ha ha

AWESOME Dog Costume !!!

Three headed Chihuahua Halloween costume.


Lion Dog Costume - Pet Halloween Costume

Loofah Halloween Costumes! halloween-costumes

so cute diy crafts costumes halloween

A kid dressed up as a tornado chasing a kid dressed up as Dorothy - seriously... How hilarious is this?!

Amazing idea