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Where does it come from?

Prop Your right to know! A comprehensive list of large agribusinesses fighting prop 37 & organic leaders supporting prop Look this over and be your own (informed) judge. I believe the choice is obvious!

Pepsi, Nestle, Coca Cola Revealed as Big Money Behind #GMO Labeling Fight - "In Washington state battle, pro-GMO lobbyists forced to expose illegally hidden donors" : Common Dreams

Though I'm not completely against GMOs, I am definitely all for labeling them so consumers can make their own choice. iStats: Unveiled: GMO Labeling: Opponents vs Heroes: company list poster by Cornucopia Institute

Companies that include GMOs in their products vs those that don't

Non-Toxic Kids: Where do your organic food companies stand on Prop 37 (GMO labeling)?

Here’s a look at the benefits of eating nuts regularly, and the best nuts to eat. If you’re going for a more balanced diet, be sure to include nuts daily.

Let's Go Nuts for Good Health

The Big Diabetes Lie - Health Benefits of Nuts - Cracking the Case on Nuts - Doctors at the International Council for Truth in Medicine are revealing the truth about diabetes that has been suppressed for over 21 years.

Infographic - Green Power! Why is Kale Avocado Broccoli Kiwi and Green Tea so good for us? Get your hands on some of this green power and try our Lucky Green Smoothie and our Kale & Orange Salad. #UWeightLoss

U Weight Loss Clinics – Infographic – Green Power Infographic - Green Power! Why is Kale, Avocado, Broccoli, Kiwi, and Green Tea so good for us? Get your hands on some of this green power and try our Lucky Green Smoothie and our Kale & Orange Salad.

Benefits of being a health NUT

The Health Benefits of Nuts (INFOGRAPHIC) - Diet & Exercise Check out our helpful on the benefits of eating Nuts are an excellent source of protein, essential fats and fiber.

Decoding Nutrition [Infographic]  Because it's amazing to me how many people don't know how to read these.

What 10 Things Should You Do Every Day To Improve Your Life?

Learning how to read food labels is a key life skill that will contribute to your health! Get all the tips you need on reading food labels here!

Alkaline vs Acid food chart

Eating Habits – For Life

ALKALINE FOODS CHART ~ Increasing your high alkaline food intake along with a healthy lifestyle may greatly reduce your risk for cancers and diseases, increase energy, etc, etc! Each food item is assigned a number which reflects its approximate value of a

10 Foods You Should Eat Once a Week | Favorite Pins

10 foods you should be eating weekly

Please SHARE & Boycott these so called Organic producers: they are trying to defeat ballot measure 37 for GMO labeling in California which must mean they are using GMO's in their products.

Food infographic Natural brands betray consumers over GMO labeling Boycott the trait

10 Alkaline Foods that Will Clean, Repair and Produce New Cells In Your Body – Positive Health Wellness Infographic

Share this Image-Please include attribution to Positive Health Wellness 10 alkaline foods will clean repair produce new cells body infographic alkal.

What Is the Difference Between Grass-Fed & Grain-Fed Beef? Check out this article on why grass fed beef is the better option. http://greenopedia.com/article/grass-fed-or-grain-fed-beef

Post image for Grass-fed Beef vs Grain-fed Beef Infographic

Arbonne pure safe, vegan, gluten free, safe for the whole family! www.faithfullyfit.myarbonne.com

12 Toxic Ingredients to AVOID in Cosmetics & Skin Care Products (Infographic) - mindbodygreen

8 Foods We Eat in the U.S. that are Banned in Other Countries

8 Foods We Eat in the U. that are Banned in Other Countries. Thrive Foods are all No-GMO and Delicious!

Other names for hidden sugars on food labels...

Type 1 And Type 2 Diabetes

41 Names for Sugar - True Food Movement

Iron is one of the most necessary micro nutrients that the body required. Here we have listed some of the fruits rich in iron that you can add to ...

Top 15 Iron-Rich Foods + The Important Benefits Of Iron

Iron is an important nutrient for body that helps to improves the hemoglobin levels.for that, you need to include iron rich diet. Enlisted are the 25 foods rich in iron for you to know.