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powerful diagram re: how stress affects body.

Great info for parents. You never thought you would spend so much time analyzing and worrying about poop until you have a kid.

Infographic: This Is Your Body on Stress. I didn't realize how stressed I was before starting yoga and seeing the drastic change in overall stress since then. It's crazy what stress can do to your body, mind and soul.

More people nowadays in the US are missing their minerals and vitamins because of not enough good food on a regular basis, and a reduction in good personal health care. Everyone should grow a vegetable and herb garden to provide for family and individual needs. Our own well-being depends on no other than ourselves.

Laughter Is The Best Medicine! And it makes you look younger and more attractive!

Things To Know About Urine - this is a cute infographic, except for the Wee-Wii part. The woman didn't die from holding in her wee. She died from drinking too much water and probably a resultant hyponatraemia (or some imbalance like that)

What the color of your pee is telling you. Very helpful to know! |The Daily Positive