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Storybook Bungalow Playhouse Really like the door, must make the split open, also this is so cute, rounded at the top.

This one is more affordable! i wanna get one for my baby girl! Storybook Bungalow Playhouse from PoshTots

Childs Mini-Door in Blue from PoshTots- someone handy please make this and post on how to do it for a whole lot less than what these people want.

playhouse (another idea for playhouses with a different roof). Still love the adult door and thinking yellow and pink paint!

Despite how expensive this is, I'm determined to make this eventually happen for my kids. Sooo many memories playing in a play house! Little Green Notebook: The Playhouse

Kid's under the stair playhouse! Saw a less cool version of this in a house we looked at, but Jake is totally doing this in the new house!!!

Play Time. Playhouses can employ as much, or as little, creativity as the builder desires. This pint-sized version plays it fairly straightforward -- a small covered porch, a Dutch door -- but a few extras, like a curved archway and mini shutters, give it flair.

Sooo cool!Childs Mini-Door in Pink from PoshTots

This kids' mini bungalow features scaled-down landscaping.

Girls Room That Looks Like a Fairytale Princess Castle | Kidsomania