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Apple Macintosh 128k prototype with 5.25-inch Twiggy floppy drive for sale on eBay

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Google Image Result for Hottest gaming system coming up...stay tuned!

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You can either buy a desktop computer, or have one built directly into a desk. Here are more free reviews for tech -

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Apple iBook Clamshell PPC G3. Mine is the same color (Graphite) SE, which means it has a processor of 466Mhz (the most you can have with a Clam) and FW400. Also has 10Gb HDD, 320Mb memory, USB1.1 and 10/100 Ethernet. It works perfectly for a 12 years old comp, although I'd put more memory in it (576Mb) and install OS X 10.4 (10.3 right now). Really pretty and tough case, with a nice handle, I really love it

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Command-A(ttention) With These Vintage Apple Shoes

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