Cool suits

Ushers with a darker grey suit and groom with a lighter grey suit. Ties would be a silver color and groom to have the white tie!

Fall wedding groomsmen colors

Grey suit with black tie. Groomsmen in light gray suits, groom in dark charcoal -- love it

Stunning 50 Suit With Sneakers Casual Men Style from

You can't tell me that's not hot. I'm really digging this look for the guys. No coats. Just vests. Except maybe for the groom. Light gray for the groom. Darker gray for the groomsmen. An orange & blue tie. & those White Converse, yes.

Don't just match the ushers ties, buy them matching socks. It makes for fantastic pictures

There are some AWESOME ideas on this site! 100 ways to personalise your wedding, including customised grooms socks, ice breaker quizzes and fruit as decorations. Good favour ideas too.

I want more than anything a guy who isnt afraid to make a fool of himself for me but even better one who gets his friends to be fools as well :) how sweet would it be for the bride and the groom to both have a surprise planned for the reception with their side of the wedding party?

I want my groom to do this at our wedding reception.maybe not the same song, but a dance with his half of the bridal party! Best use of a Justin Bieber song. SERIOUSLY MUST WATCH. SO FUNNY i want a husband like this!

Puzzle pieces covered in mod podge and spray painted chrome.

34 Amazing Puzzle Pieces Craft Ideas

Use real puzzle pieces covered in mod podge and pretty paper or spray painted chrome. Love this idea so no one gets left out with friendship necklaces! --- Create A Heart Puzzle Into This DIY Idea And Use As A Family Gift On Christmas ---

Purple and grey wedding!  Love the colors

Groom: purple vest purple bow tie with gray tux. Groomsmen: gray vest purple tie with gray tux. Dads: gray vest dark gray tie with gray tux.

I like the light grey #groomsuit

Grey Legend by Calvin Klein.very nice.maybe for groomsmen, but I want my man in the same color as me.