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    Maypole Dance (1948) My mother had a birthday party for me on May 1st. Ribbon streamers hanging from top of pole, grabbed onto by kids that 'danced around the pole,singing children's songs. ..... May ist is considered 'May Day' and celebrated with home made paper baskets, filled with flowers and candies .. given to favorite friends and relatives.........

    When most homes had living rooms that were similar to this.

    I remember getting milk delivered to our milk box. I remember that first draft of cream at the top was so thick and rich! And the cardboard 'pog' at the top of the bottle... we'd have a drawer full of them!

    Vintage Whistling Teapot, Avocado Green. Also came in Harvest Gold, and that burnt orange color. Had the avacado!!!!

    Fantasy Island, Grand Island, NY, 1960s

    50s TV

    remember when the Monopoly pieces looked like this? - I loved Monopoly when I was a kid :)

    rotary telephones

    Classic winter scene from the 1950s- girl's had their dresses on over their snowpants!

    Daytona Beach 1957

    Playing hide and seek, red rover, catching lightening bugs, riding our bikes..... We played long after it got dark out.

    Drive In Movie Theater Memories,


    Pixie and Dixie cartoons - "I hate you meeces to pieces" says Mr Jinks

    bean bag ashtrays

    Pet Rock

    Good Humor man, Arlington VA

    Typewriter eraser. Usually would erase a hole through the paper

    Hershey's syrup in a can


    Tigress perfume

    Black patent leather wear to Sunday School

    McDonald's drink cup(circa 1950s)