Sookie Stackhouse Books. They are amazing.

True Blood <3

Harry Potter!

Sookie Stackhouse

Hunger Games (Series)

Stephenie Meyer did good with this series :)

The Hunger Games Triology

J.R. Ward Black Dagger Series

The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge! Its the list of 250 books that she mentions through out the entire series. (I've only read 40 of them)

Of course a twilight fan as well. More for the books than movies though.

The Twilight Series

Sookie Stackhouse novels

Charlaine Harris.......The Stookie Stackhouse novels on which the show "True Blood" is loosely based. The books are soooooooo much better! Currently reading her Harper Connelly series which is great as well. HIGHLY recommend these books!!

Amazing book. It's imperative you read this BEFORE Angels & Demons, even though it's the second in the character series.

the Shiver series - Just finished these.

The Fever Series-love this series

Hunger Games series

Great book series

House of Night Series!

Sookie Stackhouse series