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    Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road: Fabulous Day and Spring Centers!

    Collaboration Cuties: Let's Get Acquainted, a Multiplication Freebie, and a Winner!

    Great for comparing and ordering fractions and decimals.

    Math Coachs Corner: Comparing Fractions. An important part of being a flexible mathematician is knowing that one size does not fit all. In other words, mathematicians use different strategies depending on the situation. A good example is comparing fractions.

    Luck of the Irish: Rounding to the 10,000s Place

    Luck of the Irish: Rounding to the 10,000's Place

    Luck of the Irish: Rounding to the 10,000's Place

    Math Coach's Corner: Multiplication Fact Game. This game makes connections between the 2s, 4s, and 8s. If a student knows 2 x 5 = 10, then 4 x 5 would be double that, or 20, because 4 is double 2. And 8 x 5 would be double 20, or 40, because 8 is double 4. Hence the name of the game: Double, Double, Double. :)

    Differentiated 4th Grade Common Core Aligned Place Value Centers

    Equivalent Fractions with Pattern Blocks

    Free resource for teaching inferencing:)

    Help your students develop their context clue reading skills with this simple, yet effective tic-tac-toe game freebie! It's easy to put together a...

    {Free} Don't Break Your Heart! CVC/CVCE Nonsense Game for RTI

    Analyzing Patterns and Tables Activity Pages! A great teaching tool for patterns and function tables! I used the function table graphic organizer and pattern practice with my smartboard, but wo...

    Math Coach's Corner: function tables

    Function Tables with Manipulatives as seen on Sixth Grade Staff www.sixthgradesta...

    Math Coach's Corner: Why is a Triangle a Triangle? For a long time, young children learned shapes by sight, without regard to attributes (characteristics). An octagon looked like a stop sign, by golly, and any 8-sided figure that didn't look like a stop sign must not be an octagon. Standards today, whether they are common core or our Texas TEKS, emphasize defining shapes based on attributes.

    {Free} Common Prefixes and Suffixes Foldables

    Idea for teaching division

    Coordinate Pairs mathbooking

    Math Coach's Corner: Fraction Freebie! The question asks for students to write the fraction for the part of a cake that's eaten (unshaded part) and they write the fraction for the part that's left (shaded part)? Of course you have! And what do we always say--"If they'd only READ the problem...". Hmmmm, could it be that the only thing we've ever asked them to do for fractions is to find the shaded part?

    Going on a Camp Out! Math Centers for Upper Elementary!

    Math Coach's Corner: Addition and Multiplication Move 1

    14 page FREEBIE!!! Fun game for practicing division skills!