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OMG if they give you a fake number they don't want to talk....move the fuck on!

Not sure if I actually want to do this considering I kind of enjoy being sore.

#interesting if I ever have one m, I'll have to try it

Things to remember, I don't miss them, I miss what I felt when I was with them.

... my house has got to be organized and cleaned today! I need to get some kind of under bed storage, wtf am I gonna do with all my shoes? My closet is a tiny little lad, he needs to be reorganized... ahhhhh I have so much I need to do but I'm on here.

when we're truly in a state of gratitude, it's tough to be depressed ... it truly is. for our own health and sake, let us practice gratitude throughout each day.

I want my belongings back, but until then...I'm satisfied with where I am right now...personal photos, momentos & things I don't have the money to replace would be great to have back

I know I'm not the same, and to anyone I've hurt by it, I apologize.