Cute snack bags for kids!

Simple Spring Snack for Kids These festive butterflies are easy to make, and perfect for an on-the-go Spring snack for kids! #sponsored #goldfishtales

Butterfly snack packs – brilliant for party favours or lunchbox fun.


Snack time fun for little kids! Made these for the kindergarteners on my last day of work and they loved them

Butterfly Snack Bags - an easy, healthy, and fun classroom snack for your kids. Step-by-step photos. You are limited only in your imagination, but this one is a balanced snack of cheese, crackers, and fruit.

school B-day snack

Rice Krispie Pops. These would be way easier than Cake Pops! Such a cute party idea!

What cute and EASY owl bags!

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cool snack idea for kiddos

Great for breakfast or everyday snacks. A healthy recipe for baked oatmeal bars.

Jello + Swedish fish

Movie night snack necklaces....let the kids make their own before the movie

Kid's Candy Bouquet - would make a cute gift for a teacher at the beginning of school too.

How to serve milk at a kids party....

Ice cream cone candy holders

Gold at the end of the rainbow treats. PRECIOUS St. Patrick's Day idea.

Butterfly Snacks....perfect for summer treats for kids! (celery, cream cheese, pretzels)