Who the hell did she just punch? She was trying to knock somebody out. And she's still mad. Just giving the finger.



blood & bruises

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"You dared him to make out with a statue?" Kolby peered onto the scene before her. It looked like the boys and Nat decided to dare Jack to... well do what Kolby had asked Toby. Her brother simply nodded. WIth a smirk, "he is so gullible."

I wake once again in the sterile room. I've been here for who knows how long. All there is in here is a bed, locked door, and a window. But it's one of those weird ones where they can see in but I can't see out. I just can't take this anymore. It's sick. I punch the window, making my hand bloody, and yell "LET. ME. OUT." (Open rp)<<<<Is it bad that I can tell this us from a K-Pop MV?

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took this picture because they were proud of that Sucker punch? lol

"What happened to your hands?" She asked, rubbing her thumb over the bruises. "I punched a wall."<-- previous pinner

"Date someone who ruins your lipstick- not your mascara" love this quote and like these bloody lips.

(Open gay RP.) At my boyfriend's house this evening. It is rather warm in his living room because we're playing Wii Sports so I take off my T-shirt. "Baby what's happened to you?" he asks in a sympathetic way. I gasp at him touching my back. "Nothing," I reply. "This isn't nothing, Tom," he says.(credit to @RaetheTiger)

tender teeth

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cream - rabbit like.


He pointed at a place on the map, the dull candle light making his cuts appear dark and deep. "This," he paused, running his tongue over his lips. "Is where we are going." My eyes widened, my stomach dropped. "Are you kidding me? That's a suicide mission for you!" His arm fell and so did his eyes. "I know." He whispered, his eyes coming back up to meet mine. "But I need to go there. They need me."

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