Who the hell did she just punch? She was trying to knock somebody out. And she's still mad. Just giving the finger.

blood & bruises

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#7 Nyasha and her father got into a big argument. It ended up in a terrible beating. Nyasha was very hurt because of Babamukru's beating. He insulted her by calling her a whore and depicting her as not honorable for the family which made Nyasha really mad and hit him.

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I wake once again in the sterile room. I've been here for who knows how long. All there is in here is a bed, locked door, and a window. But it's one of those weird ones where they can see in but I can't see out. I just can't take this anymore. It's sick. I punch the window, making my hand bloody, and yell "LET. ME. OUT." (Open rp)<<<<Is it bad that I can tell this us from a K-Pop MV?

I Chose To Live As A Flat Chested Woman After Breast Cancer by Melanie Testa

☆ That's all I got left (gasping for air) ☆



took this picture because they were proud of that Sucker punch? lol

"Soul meets soul on lovers' lips." -Percy Bysshe Shelley

bleeding lips

vitiale: alltvaxa: this is the perfect mix of beauty and tragedy this is the most beautiful photo I’ve ever seen

A cut such as this could have been made by running through the Forrest trying to find a way out, they could have been created by trees or sharp bushes, thrones. These cuts could be all over her body depending on what she is wearing.

"Bloody knuckles again? What's next? Broken bones?" "Probably..."

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