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    Who the hell did she just punch? She was trying to knock somebody out. And she's still mad. Just giving the finger.

    Broken hands by Lissy Elle

    .when i lived at home..too often yeh my parents beat me and not just with a slap--bats-hangers-kicked in the head you name it i was their sadistic experiment

    vitiale: alltvaxa: this is the perfect mix of beauty and tragedy this is the most beautiful photo I’ve ever seen

    Laurie's "battle scars"

    Torn, bruised, bloody, battered...I didn't want to admit that I liked myself this way.

    You could see the blue veins in her arms under her pale skin.

    Looks like someone partied till their shoes fell off!

    dudes this is actually pretty af to me

    Young Gabe

    took this picture because they were proud of that Sucker punch? lol

    protect your pretty pout with these 5 #beauty #tips to avoid chapped #lips this winter

    'slowly, she did' 'just vanish' by Alessandra Celauro | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    "Soul meets soul on lovers' lips." -Percy Bysshe Shelley

    KL: vid of a select few individuals who are all living very different lives doing very different things. The only thing they have in common is that wherever they are, they're breaking a rule in that establishment. Focus is on that but there are huge underlying stories to their lives that are briefly shown. These moments almost justify why the individual is breaking the rules & makes viewer sympathize with them. At the end they are all scolded, some kicked out bc fights & others just take it

    #7 Nyasha and her father got into a big argument. It ended up in a terrible beating. Nyasha was very hurt because of Babamukru's beating. He insulted her by calling her a whore and depicting her as not honorable for the family which made Nyasha really mad and hit him.