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The elegant damascus, black handle athame is so named for the imitation damascus steel it features upon its handle and blade. This steel presents an intricate pattern of waving design, similar to the folded steel for which damascus used to be so famous, accented by black patterned paneling. Folding closed, the damascus black handle athame reveals a blade of high quality carbon steel, featuring a single edge that runs down its length. With a clip that allows you to place it upon your be $27.95

#celtic #druid Valkyrie Queen Winged Athame $34.95

Beautifully crafted of stainless steel, this enchanting athame provides an "old-world" feel. 12 from tip to pommel, it seems a miniature medieval sword, with an elaborately engraved cross guard and a pommel crafted to resemble a knight`s helmet. Coming with a 9 1/2 sheath, sculpted so as to appear made of wood and capped with elaborately engraved metal, you can comfortably put this athame upon your altar and draw it from its sheath for your ritual and craft. This is the perfect ritual $22.95

This ritual athame has a design derived from a blend of styling from medieval Europe and the ancient Celts. With elaborate scroll work decorating its hilt and sheath, it offers a blend of silver and gold-toned decoration throughout, accented by blue, faceted stones that are set within the sheath and crossguard. The crossguard, together with the pommel, flares upward in a fashion that blends decorative styling with comfort, allowing the athame`s haft to fit easily into your hand even a $44.95

BEAUTIFUL Tree of Life Athame...Available for Purchase! Great Ritual Tools Here at Eclectic Artisans

This sacred chalice is a fine altar tool, used within your ritual magic, and otherwise in decorating your sacred space. It stands approximately 5 1/2" high with a smooth, silvertoned surface, decorated both front and back in an intricate pattern of Celtic knots that form the three pointed triquetra, representing unity, eternity, and the three forms of the Goddess. Its wide mouth measures approximately 3 1/4" wide at its widest point, and has a 2 1/2" diameter base. $19.95

Capturing the majesty and regal bearing of this creature of myth and legend, this chalice has been sculpted to proudly display the head and mane of a bearded Unicorn. Set against a backdrop of elaborately woven celtic patterns, purple jewels, and medieval gothic design, it is a wonderful decoration and tool for your ritual and spell craft. This is only enhanced by the removable cup that settles within the cold-cast resin exterior, which is made of stainless steel to help keep your fan $27.95

Known for its sap (which is used to produce Maple Syrup), and the firing red and golden color of its leaves in the fall, Maple has long been known as a tree of enchantment and romance. In ritual, this wand can aid in generating abundance or stirring imagination, but is perhaps most famously utilized in the working of love spells and the blessing of long life for children. This rustic wand is hand crafted, and measures approximately 13"-16" in length and 1/2" to 1" wide, with the size $26.95

This delightful letter opener has been sculpted of fine, lead-free pewter into the shape of a cruciform sword. The blade itself is plain, making it perfect for slicing through envelopes and opening your letters, while the crossguard and handle are wonderfully decorated. The crossguard is marked in a swirling pattern, that flares out to resemble the wings of a dragon, and the handle itself is bedecked in the woven knots of a Celtic design making this fantastic piece, measuring 5 1/4" l $7.95

athame. Not exactly meant to be used as a weapon but a beautiful bladed tool nonetheless.

A wonderful tool for magical study, this palmistry hand from Alchemy depicts a human hand as though it were taken from a corpse for study and etched with alchemical symbols and the markings of palmistry. The result is a tool that seems equally suited upon some dusty desk covered in occult works and ancient alchemical formulae as it would be a decoration for the altar or sacred space. $41.95

Pagan Cats Tarot Card Deck