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The Boxer is a highly intelligent, medium-sized square dog with clean lines and balanced proportions. He was refined and bred from ancestors in Germany called Bullenbeisers--historically used to run down and hold large, formidable game animals--bear and boar...

Boxer breed review. Pros and Cons

Adorable reverse brindle puppy

you talkin' to me? #boxerlove

boxer love | Boxer Love Print By Stephanie Gerace

Boxer Illustration Boxer Print Boxer Artwork Custom by PetsLuv, $20.00

Boxer Dog Print Dog Art 8x10 or 11x14 Painted by by DottieDracos, $12.00

Boxer Dog Art 8x10 or 11x14 Print of Original Painting by Dottie Dracos, "Getting on in Years"

Boxers only know how to love ♥...

Boxing boxers

Christian and Twiggy


Dude and Anna, Moosewood's Double Exposure

Boxer Breed Photo

Boxer breed info

Puppy Dog with hat on...

boy, dog and teddy bear. (fiction) Joseph Camden with teddy bear & briefcase Aubrie finds in the attic at Grace Bed & Breakfast in Stillwater Springs. the collection of Roz Leibowitz

vintage boxers with a Pekinese

Interesting Dog Facts


lol this is 100% true and I love it!

Moms boxer does this all the time

"Aw man, I had a really ruff day at the office." (boxer)