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Using Discussion Language: Asking Questions

Using Academic Language and Discussions While Asking Questions In Speech Therapy

How to Adapt a JENGA game for Speech-Language Therapy

Great ideas for modifying Jenga games for speech therapy!

Using Sentence Starter Strips In Speech Therapy (thedabblingspeechie)

Using Sentence Starter Strips In Speech Therapy

Literature-Based Speech Therapy - Click here to read all out using books to promote speech and language skills in therapy!

Targeting Pronouns Using Zingo

Love this use of Zingo to target pronouns in Speech Therapy!

Working on Main Idea in Speech Therapy

Do you work on Main Idea? Check out how I approach working on this skill with my kids and the tips you may want to try.

Books on a Budget for SLPs

Do love incorporating books into your speech therapy sessions but can't afford to buy all the books you want? Read these 6 tips to build your SLP library on a budget. Hint: Three are the options are FREE!

Links to HUNDREDS of free TpT activities for speech and language therapy! From Speechy Musings.

A whole month of speech therapy without preparation?! Here are 10 ideas & tips you can use to free up some time without sacrificing quality. I love #9!