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  • Courtney Klingelberger

    Hunger Game humor? Awesome!

  • Valerie

    I need to work out for that reason! #HungerGames

  • Cheryl Grigolo

    I my mind I'm changing this to Zombie apocalypse because my friends are always so excited about that shit, but I'm terrified.

  • Edith Huffman

    Awesome! This is going to be my motivation as soon as i'm allowed to work out

  • Lisa Hampton

    I read the book and decided I was gonna start working out again. I totally relate to this!

  • Nyx Cheung

    BAHAHA. This is why I NEED to work out.

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The Summer Olympics will seem ultra lame this year if there's no event with kids killing each other.

I love pinning motivational sayings on pinterest that motivate me to keep pinning motivational sayings on pinterest.

Let's workout really hard, then rehydrate with margaritas!

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Right before Christmas... My workout is lifting the cookie from the plate to my mouth. Got to get in a few reps...

I mean, The Hunger Games will happen eventually. I've been thinking about the people I'd have to kill to be the victor. I apologize to you all.

oh josh hahaha--this actually makes sense though, I think Katniss is more manly than Peeta. I saw myself as Peeta all the way.

May you not be slaughtered by teenagers while fighting for a good seat at The Hunger Games.

Or even just walking and you're trying to have a normal conversation with your co-workers right after and trying to cover it up...