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    "Nothing feels as satisfying as sore muscles". Really? NOTHING?

    Meet your butt muscles: How to Build a Stronger, Defined Butt

    One of my biggest pet peeves!

    I have the same thought when I watch it! I just picture Layla and Austin's limbs visibly poking my belly when I was pregnant or sneezing and peeing my pants and I wonder what those women thought that was about??? The show should be called "I'm in denial about being pregnant"

    i feel like this would be more appropriatre for one of my co workers. Grunting/ making weird noises while walknig down the hall way is not appreciated! LOL


    bahahahahaha omg that's funny!!!!

    every time

    Hahaha so true!

    Those days suck :(

    hahaha YES


    true story

    Umm, yeah.

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    dont judge me.


    Oh ya!! That was me at Tuscanos Friday eating chocolate cake!!!!


    During grad school I went through a period of depression. So I started working out and again and Viola! Depression decreased, in part because my sore muscles made me feel accomplished so I could sit and work on a paper without feeling gloppy.

    Redefining Body Image