"Nothing feels as satisfying as sore muscles". Really? NOTHING?


Gym humor

Hahaha so true!

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hahaha so true. That's why I call it the DREADmill! #humor #run #walk #treadmill #fitness #Funny

I have the same thought when I watch it! I just picture Layla and Austin's limbs visibly poking my belly when I was pregnant or sneezing and peeing my pants and I wonder what those women thought that was about??? The show should be called "I'm in denial about being pregnant"

During grad school I went through a period of depression. So I started working out and again and Viola! Depression decreased, in part because my sore muscles made me feel accomplished so I could sit and work on a paper without feeling gloppy.

My hubby knows I love him but he also KNOWS I how I feel about the gym...


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Muscle Soreness facts



Adam gives up on me after two :(


like a boss.



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