so true.

So true!

hahaha so true!


We're old school.

There's a crazy underground garage.

Can you die from constipation? I am a little concerned with how full of shit you are...



This definitely made me LOL

...ah...there I am.

The glorious day (much later in life) when you discover you don’t HAVE to shave anything, because it’s your body. | 32 Feelings All Women Will Remember

So true... LOL

very true

hahah so true!!

... some people come into your life as a blessing... ... other people come into your life as a lesson.. those people are better known as 'douchebags'... so true, I think first impressions are there for a reason.

ha, the other day when I called someone a butter face....oops

hahaha Yep, cooking sucks! My dad doesn't really drink though... ;)

So very true!!