Really pretty freehand work!

Quilt border, feathers with parallel lines, the lines were free motion quilted by Emma How.sampaquitaquilts

Honeysuckle Overall Stencil - 8" - Quilts Complete - Continuous Line Quilting Patterns

Free Motion Quilting, Tutorial, Doodle Quilt - The Inbox Jaunt blog

Border 101

quilting lines....EZ

This is a wonderful tutorial

Additional Images of 501 Quilting Motifs by Editors of Quiltmaker Magazine -

continous swirls & flowers

Japanese Quilting #book #hiromitsu-takano #japan #new-holland #sashiko #sashiko-book #sashiko-design

Detail of free motion motif Sampaguita Quilts

Dainty looking feathers by Deb Hardman. pretty!

Pretty Pansy Quilting by Kim Stotsenberg

quilting for sashings and borders

Woodgrain, Free Motion Quilting

A Few Scraps. Leafy lines quilting design. She shows exactly how she did it. I really like how it looks.

FREE Quilting Motifs PG5 from Forest Quilting. LOADS of patterns. (I know I have pinned them before, but they have soooo many patterns, grin.)

Continuous line quilting stencil

Modern Sashiko #book #modern #sashiko #sashiko-book #sashiko-design #search-press #silke-bosbach

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