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Do what you love and do it often. #Inspiration #Inspire #Motivation #Determination #Dedication #Quotes #Sayings

Happiness is knowing you'll be with your best friend forever. Makes my heart smile just thinking about it :)

Good advice....and if you don't your arms will be so busy holding the past, you won't be able to deal with the present. Let go off all the small stones, so that when a big boulder comes your way, you can deal with it!

HUG! My husband is the best.. I am so BLESSED! He is my best friend and so much more! He is the world's greatest husband and Dad!! I love you Randy 1988 - forever!

This I LOVE! - Doing it Wrong by Chris Piascik ART PRINT / MINI (8" X 10") $17.00

Society6from Society6

THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER Canvas Print by Matthew Taylor Wilson

Simple Truth

So true! We should all work on cherishing every moment of every day. You'll never get your past back!

Hand lettering by Sean Wes. "Life is happening right now – outside your screens."


Robot Check

Day 10 - I'm so happy I could be there for you when you need it most<3 Ever since I met you I've been so happy<3 I love that I make you happy and comfortable too<3 I will never loose you<3 I love you so much<3