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Full Moon=shift from hell! Im not a nurse but I sure experienced this when Sarah was born on a full moon

Hey Girl, You look hot in that isolation gear.....No, really, you're sweating. Nurse humor. Nursing humor. Registered nurse funny. RN. Student Nurse. Ryan Gosling meme. Hey girl.

Hey Girl, You look hot in that isolation gear.No, really, you're sweating Nursing humor Student Nurse

Love it! This will apply eventually! Lol

Real Men Marry Nurses | T-Shirt | Funny Gifts For Husband Shirts

Love it! This will apply eventually! Lol Jeremiah is a real man!

Nursing Home Humor | ... Donnell's Bletherings and Haverings from Scotland: Nursing Humour

This goes for anyone in the medical field. The hard work and dedication that goes into health care and medical services makes me thankful that I get to be a part of it! Love it!

Not Easy Being A Nurse!

I would play along too! With some patients you haveto pick your battles.with some demetia patients, it is better if you play along for a bit instead of upsetting them by bringing them back to reality that they are really losing their mind.

Nursing eCard--there should be an "I save lives" discount...everywhere. Cause after all...we save lives. So true

seriously, teachers get so many more discounts and we save lives.

Nursing by the Numbers

Nursing infographic - some very interesting data -- did you know that nurses were injured more often than construction workers and assaulted more frequently than prison guards -- so much for "peaceful" first responders --