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How to Make an Interesting Art Piece Using Tree Branches

DIY - How to make a heart shaped wall art out of driftwood or tree branches and twigs. Includes tips on branch selection and shows how to tie branches together.

Vintage Westmoreland Jade Jadite Lily of the Valley Vase

Tampa Bay Carnival Glass Club - Northwood’s Wide Panel is the last and most majestic of the American epergnes. These beauties are a bowl and four lilies (three side lilies & one center lily). These come in amethyst, blue, green, ice blue, ice green, marigold, and white. Ice blue, ice green, and blue are the hardest to find. An ice blue example sold for $13,500 at the ACGA auction in 2007.

The Amazing Digital Art of a Disillusioned Idealist

Beautiful digital art you could display in your classroom to facilitate discussion about global warming. You could present one of images and ask the students what they think it's trying to convey, no text is needed to spark discussion. Great way to get students interested and engaged in the topic.