Good parenting.

Worst End of School Year Mom Ever - so funny!!

I have seen a few of these in my day.

The funniest lies parents told their kids.

Admit it! You did, too!! :D

Totally doing this for the hubby when we have kids.

My parents

yeah thats totally why my rooms for a safety purpose. I know someone who did that

Sorry to any of my unborn children. You may expierence this same fate.

This was too funny!!!!!!!

Daily Odd Compliment: Photo.. this is just too funny not to pin!! haha


Amazing - I think that i need to start this today! Today's wifi password? I will have to remember this one for when the kids are a little older.

Freaking funny!


Too Funny!

I need this for my office!

Have no idea why this made me laugh so hard!!