Good parenting.

If You Did This...

hahahaha ... poor kid!!

Too Funny!

Screaming kids not made to mind really irritates me! Too bad parents don't realize screaming kids ARE NOT cute and most ppl rather they just go away!

Haha, I remember some of these from when I was a kid :) Love you mom! For more lessons my Mom taught me check out this blog post:

Dear Children, I only take credit for the first 9 months. After that, you were exposed to your father.


This is hilarious!!

Get them to give you a soothing massage. // 26 Simple Tricks To Make Your Kids Do Whatever You Want


I love my mommy! :)

Freaking funny!

parenting done right!




HA! Brilliant!

This is soo my bugaroo! All though when the hubby is around I like to say they get it from them because inside I'm smiling just a little. It makes me proud to know my lil miss has a fiery spirit. I just wish it wasn't directed at me so often.

i'm gonna start doing this