Highgate Cemetery, London, England..

Angel wreathed in ivy, Highgate Cemetery East.

12seas: Highgate Cemetery, North London by ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ on Flickr.

I miss my Garden angel; placed it on my grandmother's plot for her to "borrow" once she passed, while her stone was being carved.....it was stolen.

Whispering angel

Highgate Cemetery, West London.

Highgate Cemetery ~ London, England

cemetery monument

Close up of 'The Angel' by Giulio Monteverde, Giulio Monteverde family grave, Verano Monumental Cemetery, Rome, Italy

Kensal Cemetery - London

cherub angel, Louisiana cementery.

concrete Angel http://www.concrete-stucco-masonry.com/

Cemetery Art.

Old Cemeteries

Resurrection Angel at Green-Wood Cemetery .

I love old cemeteries .

Jerry Gadamus Angel of Light -even though this pin is trying to sell me something, this is a very beautiful angel

in the wood...