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Complete Wreck: Books 1-13 (A Series of Unfortunate Events Boxed Set) by Lemony Snicket

The Story of Ferdinand - encourages children to be true to one self, with love and acceptance

The Blessings Jar - great book that reminds children that God gives them so many blessings they can be thankful for.

Interrupting Chicken -- lesson: manners, it's rude to interrupt!

Gregory, the Terrible Eater -- teaches children the importance of eating a well balanced meal

Baxter's Backyard: good book on the importance of being appreciative. The grass is not always greener on the other side.

Katy No-Pocket -- teaches problem solving and how to deal with trials and challenges

Fill a Bucket -- when children have their buckets filled and learn how they can fill other people’s buckets too, they understand how special, valuable, and capable they are.

You're All My Favorites - teaches children that parents love each of them individually

Don't Squeal Unless It's a Big Deal -- teaches conflict resolution and tattling

Rubber Shoes - great book about the importance of gratitude

Trouble Talk -- addresses relational aggression, gossiping, and forgiveness

Grief Is Like a Snowflake -- wonderful book on how to cope with feelings and start the healing process

Big Red Lollipop - a book that teaches real forgiveness and compassion

Jesus Calling -- 365 Devotions for Kids

Books Recommendations that heal kids

Don't Be Afraid to Drop -- good book that shows a positive perspective on change, taking risks, and giving back.

Walk in the Rain with a Brain -- good book about how brains all work differently and all are smart in their own way.

I'm Like You, You're Like Me -- good book about understanding and appreciating each other.

Melvin the Magnificent Molar -- encourages children in a fun-loving, unique way to actually want to brush their teeth.

Wilma Jean - the Worry Machine -- addresses the problem of anxiety that relates to children. Offers parents and teachers strategies to lessen the severity of anxiety.

Sometimes I Feel Sunny -- marvelous book that explores a wide variety of feelings. Teaches children that grumpy & sunny days are all part of life.

I'm Gonna Like Me: Letting Off a Little Self-Esteem -- shows kids that the key to feeling good is liking yourself because you are you.

I Have a Dream -- beautiful & powerful illustrated edition of Dr. MLK's world-chang "I Have a Dream" speech