A childs skull before losing baby teeth. So interesting

Could be cool as a photo inside a glue-on button to simulate this look for a lich or necromancer... real thing no thank you though.

fourmis colorées

so precious

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. Lol. So true. @Cheri Zenisek @Kelly Flenniken@Hannah Worrell @Katelin Bricker @Ona Ridgway

I AM THIS PERSON. Plus, if I don't I forget what I'm going to say. Then, I'm convinced that what I was going to say was really important when all it really was something like "I ate a coconut once."

Spinal Cord

10 things not to say to your kids. Very interesting!!

Tooth Development of Children. Dr. Chuck Crawford in Rock Hill & Fort Mill, SC @ drchuck4kids.com

crying laughing LOL

Examination of Thumbsucking child patient can reveal the changes in the features and parts of the body. There are changes in digits, lips, shape of thumb, facial features, etc.

What's the creepiest thing your young child has said to you? - These are horrifyingly funny... especially the original feed!


...and hilarity ensues.

And I thought looking at kids' dental X-rays was crazy! - Multiple hyperdontia

Skull of a child growing adult teeth. I'm fully expecting this to show up in a horror film one of these days.

Shark teeth are actually scales - WTF fun facts

Molar Anatomy

Human Body Facts

Come at me bro!

Died laughing!!!