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    Aarika Malca this is what i picture you looking like when you're ready for a good email story from me or bake

    My daughter got a laptop for her third birthday last week, and I absolutely have to make a picture like this of her. So funny and cute with those bare feet.

    Kids. Little children fascinate me with their just general happiness and ability to get over things so quickly. I miss the carefree days from when I was younger.

    Not only is this a fantastic photo (the lighting is PERFECT!) and tells a wonderful story, but the subject is deliciously adorable! I just want to hug her!!!! Squeeee!

    I don't know if I've mentioned it to you before, but you not only make me smile but you make me laugh too! & laughter keeps you young so it's a GOOD thing! #justsayin

    Children of the Tribe Boho Kid Hippy Kid VW Beetle Surf - There's A Whole World Out There Singlet + Dead Fish Short

    The only reason why I would want kids would be able to dress em cute lol.

    I cant wait to have a kid to dress haha...i mean i can wait, but it'll be fun

    He never left the bucket. I think I found my long lost twin brother...

    Child's name and date of birth on the ring. These are def the prettiest ones I've seen.