• VegasLiving

    Turn birthday cards into a "book" for your child or grandchild to read. Good idea for a first birthday and baby shower!

  • Paloma Shaevel

    Turn birthday cards into a "book" for your child or grandchild to read...what an awesome idea. I never know what to do with these and feel bad throwing them out. Usually use them for crafts, but this is great idea.

  • Maigan P

    Good idea! Way to keep your kids' birthday cards... "birthday card book"... Doing this!

  • Janet Glyde

    I can never bear to throw greetings cards away so this is the perfect solution! Turn birthday cards into a "book" for your child or grandchild to read...what an awesome idea

  • Jennifer Slaydon Slabaugh

    Turned birthday cards into a "book" my daughter can read. Or with wedding cards, baby shower cards.

  • Julie Sparks

    Turn birthday cards into a "book" for your child or grandchild to read...what an awesome idea. I have almost every card the boys have received over the years, including from baby showers. Wouldn't this be great to do with all this Christmas photo cards too! See how much your friends and family change over the years!

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Could do in any color to match a room. Love this!