youngest little girl of motherless family | toppenish in the yakima valley of washington state | august 1939 | foto: dorothea lange

February 1939. "Hamburger stand in Harlingen, Texas." Chili 10 cents, breakfast 25, and the 7up is real.

July 1936. Washington, Pennsylvania. "Old age." by Dorothea Lange

August 1939. Agricultural migrants. "Family who traveled by freight train. Toppenish, Washington. Yakima Valley." by Dorothea Lange

Dorothea Lange: 1935

Dorothea Lange's Cabins on US 99 - 20x200

The old Skagit River Hotel in Washington didn't offer a lot of amenities.

July 1936. "Child of migratory fruit worker in tent camp at Yakima, Washington." Seen earlier here. Medium format negative by Arthur Rothstein.

and we think we have it hard sometimes....Mother and nine children living in a field on U.S. Route 70 near the Tennessee River during the Depression - 1936. Photo by Carl Mydans for the Farm Security Administration

oh dorothea lange, i heart you lots. and i can't stop staring at this print.

October 1939. "Mr. and Mrs. Wardlaw at entrance to their dugout basement home. Dead Ox Flat, Malheur County, Oregon." Medium-format nitrate negative by Dorothea Lange for the Resettlement Administration.

"Auschwitz-Birkenau, then and now" (via BBC) The juxtaposition of images is chilling

This US soldier ‘found alive’ in Vietnam 44 years after being left behind.. I have read a lot of articles saying the United States left many...many, men over there. In prisoner of war camps. They were seen, it was known they were there and they simply got left.....abandoned.

Cancelled cheque in the amount of $ 7.2 million, for the purchase of Alaska from Russia, issued August 1, 1868. For less than 2 cents an acre, the United States acquired nearly 600,000 square miles.

Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: On the Road: 1939 Dorothea Lange

August 1939. Migratory children living in "Ramblers Park." They have lived on the road for three years. Nine children in the family. Yakima Valley, Washington.

Lt. George A. Custer has photo taken with ex-classmate, friend and captured Confederate prisoner, Lt. J.B. Washington, aide to Gen. Johnston at Fair Oaks.

Lincoln's funeral on Pennsylvania Ave.