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  • Nicki Monica

    Determined baby duck

  • Andrea Wade Johnson

    It's finally Friday. Glad it's the weekend. Whoooo Don't let the weekend undo all you have accomplished during the week. Make it a great day & keep making things happen. Little changes over time can bring big results. No matter if your steps are little or big your still making progress. You can achieve your goals if you keep your eyes mind focused on the finish line. Let you WHY be you main force to motivate you everyday. #nevergiveup #commit #makeitcount #love #determined #decitated #succeed

  • Hannah Martino

    Favorite animal <3 Determined little ducky

  • Brenda Hester

    Baby duckling never gives up

  • siomara moreno

    Determined duckling my inspiration :)

  • Destiny Simmons

    So cute! the little determined duck! :)

  • Laurie M

    Determination ,,,, HANG IN THERE BABY, you WILL make it! #I'mSOproudofYOU

  • Whitney Switch

    such a cute baby chick

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