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Ever seen a burger falling in slow motion, its ingredients uniformly suspended as they float through the air before coming to land on top of each other with almost supernatural perfection? Well, that's known as a burger drop, and you can find them in virtually any burger chain commercial.

Director Creates The Perfect "Burger Drop" Without Using CGI - Neatorama

Walgreens Is Selling Hot Dog Flavored Pringles For Some Reason

The Enchanted Unicorn Burger

The Inevitable Sailor Moon Hamburger

The Inevitable Sailor Moon Hamburger | Kotaku

These Cat Cakes Are The Cutest, Moodiest Snacks Ever

McDonald's Is Selling Chocolate-Covered French Fries in Japan

Mc Donald’s Japan has found a new way to delight the taste buds and make some extra bank by offering french fries topped with multiple types of chocolate.

New ‘Star Wars’ Ice Cream Comes In Dark Side And Light Side Flavors


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