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  • Julie Friel

    Just adoring these watercolor tattoos... ondrash tattoo design butterfly watercolor painting on skin beautiful feminine design

  • Kaitlyn Robertson

    water color tattoo artists | watercolor poppy flower tattoo painting on skin body art design ...

  • Krystle De Windt

    watercolor butterfly tattoo - by ondrash I am obsessed with watercolor tattoos

  • Sara Warman

    Watercolour tattoo

  • Tattoos Addict

    See more tattoo ideas on Red Black Gorgeous Butterfly Tattoos On Rib Side #095 - #095, #Black, #Butterfly, #ButterflyTattoo, #ButterflyTattooDesign, #ButterflyTattooIdeas, #ButterflyTattoos, #Gorgeous, #On, #Red, #Rib, #Side, #TattooDesign, #TattooIdeas, #Tattoos

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by Siobhan Creedon from helloyarn's flickr, #tattoo, #squirrel, #mushroom

I have my uncle Greg's initials on my back and I've been thinking of adding to the very simple tattoo. I love the flowers and leaves around this tattoo

James Jean tattoo - i adore this painting - & as a tattoo, ooooh! its love.

"Holding on too long is just a fear of what's to show because not everything that goes around Comes back around, you know, one thing that is clear It's all down the hill From here." -Queens of the Stone Age

I love tattoos without outlines. They look so gorgeous, almost like they're painted on. However, experts say that they might not hold up well over time. All of my tattoos have outlines. I might get a small one that isn't outlined to see how it holds up.

natural and yet stylized...multi-faceted surfaces.. I love this tattoo on a man, very beautiful- shows that nature and beauty is for any sex or gender..

Tatttttttoo It is new, and it is by Ryan Mason who is amazing. It's still healing here, so is a little flakey.

I don't usually like tattoos... they're too bold and... you know. This is lovely! Butterfat Tattoo, Esther Garcia, Blue Tits, Forsythia

i want to get the berries and flower wreath around my little bear tat i have.