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Puglia's Cave Restaurants and Bars in Italy.

Oceanside Restaurant

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Restaurant Grotta

Palazzese Restaurant

Grotto Restaurant

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Seafood Restaurant

Cliffside Restaurant

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World's Most Amazing Restaurants with a View. This list alone could be a perfect bucket list. {Pic: Grotta Palazzese - Puglia, Italy}



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Tuscany Italy



Alberobello Flickr

Alberobello Province

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Alberobello Italia

Trees Puglia

Houses Puglia

Italy Houses

Puglia Region

Italy Puglia

Alberobello - Puglia, Italy

Baths Tuscany

Baths Italy

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Visiting Tuscany

Southern Tuscany, Italy! WOW! I have to go here one day

Seaside Portofino

Portofino Italia

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Portofino Province

Seaside, Portofino, Italy

Tub Cave

Spa Cave

Cave Pools

Hotel Cave

Sand Cave

Cave Santorini

Santorini Grecia

Katikies Hotel Santorini

Jacuzzi Santorini

Santorini Cave Pool

Wisteria Lake

Purple Wisteria

Wisteria Bridge

Wisteria Wishes

Wisteria Blooms

Wisteria Covered

Wisteria Hanging

Wisteria Waterfall


Lake Como, Italy

Bari Restaurant

Restaurant Polignano

Southern Restaurant

Italy Polignano

Cliffs Polignano

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“ Grotta Pallazzese ~ This restaurant is part of a cave in a cliff in southern Italy. The Restaurant is located in Polignano a Mare, Bari. ”

Polignano Italy

Palazzese Polignano

Palazzese Italy

Palazzese Cave

Cave Polignano

Cave Overlooking

Restaurant Overlooking

Restaurant Located

Hotel Grotta

Restaurant in Polignano in Puglia Italy, in Grotta Palazzese hotel - a cave overlooking the ocean

Full Dosefrom Full Dose

Beautiful Norway

Norway Full

Norway Amazing

Norway Fire

Norway Lake

Norway Viking

Light Norway

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Norway 2016

Fjords Norway

Beautiful Norway - Amazing!

Restaurant Apulia

Cave Restaurant Italy

Restaurant Work

Coastal Restaurant

Apulia Italy

Italy 3

Venice Italy Veneto Com

Italy Italia

Town Italy

Cave Restaurant in Apulia, Italy

Tower Pisa

Pisa Pisa

Van Pisa

Pisa Rome

Duomo Pisa

Leaning Tower Of Pisa

Pisa Campanile


Let S

The Leaning Tower, the Cathedral, and the Baptistry, Pisa, Italy.

Lake Chile

Chile 3

Chile Caves

Chile Whoa

Chile Holy

Chile Gotta

Marble Cathedral

Cathedral Chile

Stunning Cathedral

Chile, Patagonia: " beautiful marble caves carved into passageways and caverns. These amazing marble formations were sculpted by erosion into three main marble formations: La Capilla (the Chapel), El Catedral (the Cathedral), and La Cueva (the Cave). The impressive labyrinth of marble caves are large enough for a small boat to glide into. "



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Venice, Italy

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Puglia, Italy

Rock Tunnel

Cave Tunnel

Dark Tunnel

Water Tunnel

Sea Tunnel

Let S


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Sea Cave Tunnel, Thailand

Fishing Villages




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Dream Spots

Let me live and die here. It will be the happiest of endings. <3

Hillside Positano

Italy Hillside

2014 Hillside

Beach Hillside

Colorful Hillside

Hillside Living

Hillside Homes

Let S

Beautiful Italy