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Music Math

Music Math contains 64 addition and subtraction music math cards for independent review or use in the game rhythm war. Rhythm war is a card game played in teams of 2-3 where students solve equations on various cards by adding or subtracting note values. Students collect cards based on who has the highest value and try to get the most by the end of the game!

Music Question of the Day Cards

Music Question of the Day Cards contains 85 cards to aid students in entering the music room quietly and to review concepts taught in the previous class period. Simply display a card as students enter the classroom and read it to students or have them read the card silently. Call on a student to answer the question displayed on the card (but only call on students who entered the room quietly!). If the student answers correctly, give him or her something special during class!

Group Lesson Activities: Grand Staff Twister & Grand Staff Beanbag Toss

Tree idea for Reading Area, tent... Options: attach some of the branches to the ceiling /or drape thin blue cloth for sky/night sky. Add white Christmas lights to the "sky" i.e. on the hanging fabric or wall ceiling.