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Too much for a cat... here to find out more

Two cats and a box // I don't know why but this made me think of us Jose Daniel

Animals laughing. lol the dog is hilarious just for the way the cat is looking at him

♥ kitty & glasses, "I'm training to be a private eye. Let's see, should I use this eye, or this eye, or both eyes? I think this might be harder than I thought."

When the cats won't stay out of the Christmas tree, here's a solution!

this is what the underneath view of a cat looks like, just in case anyone was wondering.

omg! when i spend the night my friend's house, i will wake up and her cat will be 2 inches from my face staring at me!!!

Baths can destroy the confidence of even the coolest cat. looooks like mine =)))) hahahah

In the spirit of easter, pinterest is doing a scavenger hunt . I was lucky enough to find the link and now I'm giving to my loyal followers. pinterestpromotio...